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Jesse Porter is a male writer from New York State currently living in Los Angeles. No stranger to the written word, Jesse has known how to read and write for over twenty years. His writing has appeared on television, on YouTube, on McSweeney’s, on Splitsider, and on people’s dirty car windows.



Jesse has written for the following television shows:


The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Netflix)

Bunnicula (Cartoon Network)

Skylanders Academy (Netflix)

Tarzan and Jane (Netflix)

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS)



Jesse authors and maintains the following websites:


Lies I Tell My Kids. Parenting = lying.

Ask Darwin Dixon. Darwin Dixon is America’s most frustrated advice columnist.



Jesse authors the following Twitter feeds:


@TheJessePorter: 17 days since last unfunny tweet!

@LATrafficWatch: Every once in a while there is traffic in LA.

@SnoopDoggyDogg: I encourage you to re-twizzle this shizzle.



 Hollywood ASST

Harvard University:

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